Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Official launch

A few friends were on hand for the "real" launch at Oak Bay. Here's Golightly ready to roll down the ramp:
And still high on the cart:
Heading out, ghosting along:
Looking for the wind:
Checking to see how relaxed I could be sailing:
Not enough wind to fill out the sail here.

Returned and waiting for the ramp to be clear:

What I've learned
• The amas are too small. It doesn't take much wind to send them under!
• I can, with my bad back, manage getting the boat on and off the car.*
This was a big question for me, which was answered today.

• Back to the drawing board before sailing in any wind.
• I'll be paddling for now.

The build has been a worthwhile effort. I'm going to relax awhile before making new heavy-weather amas.

* To get the boat off the car, I turn it and set the stern on the ground beside the car. Then I strap the wheels to it. Then lift the bow off the car and down she goes onto the wheels. On is the reverse.

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