Friday, 3 February 2017

Amas - final shaping

It's been a long road, it seems, but now I have two hollow foam hulls that are more or less the same shape. The curve of the top has been an interesting exercise:
The nubs are the outsides of the flats that the akas will attach to. I had no idea they'd come out looking like this. I just knew I wanted enough of a flat on the top to secure the akas firmly to.
Holey foam!
The top radius started as a knife-cut angle which was then rounded with coarse sandpaper, followed by finer sandpaper. It feels like the same kind of process that a sculptor engages in: you take away everything that isn't the end result you're looking for. I did make a template for the top curve, but it turned out to be not quite right—so most of it is eyeballed. The ends are tricky, because everything changes as the hull gets narrower.

BTW—it was snowing as I was doing this!

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