Friday, 28 March 2014

Colours... and a new name?

This is the colour plan so far.

Trouble is, I don't see Spindrift as a red boat. Spindrift is white, misty white, sea-foam green or something like that. I tried all those and more, trying to come up with something I thought suited the boat and me. Red is the only colour that fits. But then the name doesn't fit with the colour.

So I think I'm going to re-name her Firefly. My elder sister had a Uffa Fox-designed Firefly and she let me sail it on my own whenever I wanted as a teenager. I loved that boat. It was cold-molded ply, varnished to a high finish. I'll now have my own Firefly. Here's my sister's Firefly, #1901 Firecracker, sailing in Toronto Harbour in the 60s:

The idea of painting the topsides white between the waterline and the chine came from seeing photos of old European boats done that way:

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