Friday, 4 April 2014

Taking things apart

It took me awhile before I let myself start tearing this boat up. I felt like it was still the designer/builder's dream and I should honour it. But incrementally I've been taking out bits and pieces. I didn't like the portapotti, so I took that out. Also the sink in the forward area. And since I know I have a place to work on her, I've been taking off the rub rails, toe rails, cleats and everything else that would get in the way of glassing the sheer and the cabin corners. I'm also taking everything heavy off the boat.

 This is more or less what the sheer looked like. The rub strakes were in three pieces on each side of the boat. They were mahogany and did not look like they had been finished on the inside. They were held on with screws only (main mast chain plate):

This is what it looks like without the rub strip and the toe rail (mizzen chain plate):

And here's a close-up aft of amidships:

The fancy work on the bow is now just a digital record (I've kept all the pieces, though):

The old name boards (waaaaaa!)

Out with the old, in with the new.

1 comment:

  1. you're not throwing out the espresso pots as well, if so my way.
    good work Eric. i think she will be a beauty when complete-lots of room, easy to maintain, and fun to sail. look forward to keeping you company out there.