Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Glass corners!

Work has gone surprisingly quickly—and I'm still upright! Halleluja! Yesterday I rounded the corners on the cabin with John's grinder. I didn't think I would be able to operate a grinder that long. I could feel my hand tingling in the evening, but today that's gone. The next two images show the rounded corners; too bad you can't see them, hahaha! But I know they're there.

Such a jaunty sheer you have, Missy! :-)
(The dinghy half-hull on the right was from a display in a marine store downtown that doesn't exist any more.)

(In the photo above you may notice that I've taken some of the screws and their decorative washers out of the window frame, getting ready to sand and paint the frame. Actually, I was killing time waiting for the epoxy to kick so I could put the tarp back on without wrecking my job!)

Next, the bottom edges of the cabin will be filleted and glassed. I'm using WEST System epoxy, with wood flour for filler, 2" glass tape. All the varnished wood you see in this post will be painted with acrylic latex. I'll have to put that article about it next...

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