Thursday, 10 April 2014


I weighed the zinc plates that were under the floor just aft of the mast. Total is 106 lbs. I'll put all that back in plus possibly another 100 lbs., to put her bow down.

Also weighed the anchor and its chain: 25 lbs.

There is a total of 35.5 feet of chain, 24' of it attached to the anchor. The anchor is a small grapple. I think I'll get a larger Bruce or claw type anchor and use less chain with it. Of course, the grapple will then be the #2 anchor with its own 16' or so of chain as well.

Robin emailed to say that the plates are zinc, not lead, so I changed the wording above. Here's what he said:
"The ballast plates in the bow are zinc not lead. I pulled several hundred three-coloured etchings over the years from those plates and made quite a good living in the process."

I had noticed etchings on them. Fishing boats and government dock sorts of scenes, very nice. A boat full of art! Who knew? :-)

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