Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Possible rudder design

I want to keep it simple. Bolger's way of having two big pieces with a big connecting bolt makes sense. I had a rudder like this on my Windsprint.
If the blade is on the opposite side to the tiller, it can swing up until it hits the tiller pivot bolt. It would probably interfere with the mizzen boom before that, though, so it wouldn't be up there often.

I'm thinking of making the stock and the blade both with 1½" thick ply, and shaping the blade in a naca foil shape—at least, as much of a foil shape as one can get in 1½" ply and still have strength.

Here's the same concept on the rudder of one of Matt Layden's Enigma designs:
He must have recessed the bolt heads for the tiller, 'cause the blade goes past them on the other side. This rudder is huge because it's used as part of the boat's lateral resistance, since it doesn't have any other board or keel, just chine runners.

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