Thursday, 8 May 2014

Boat bits

It's a rainy night. I finished gluing the starboard cheek onto the rudder blade core. Port one will be done tomorrow. Thought I'd check my cleat collection, since Godfrey just gave me a cleat. It's the same design as the one that was the bow cleat, and he says it's not chrome, it's white bronze. It cleaned up well.
For the bow cleat, and anything on the deck or the cabin top, I'm going to drill an oversize hole, fill it with thickened epoxy, then re-drill for the fastening. This is so no water will travel into the wood from the fastening as it gets stressed. Same thing with the transom.

I know the new bow cleat is ugly, but it's strong like bull and that's more important to me than how it looks.

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