Friday, 9 May 2014

New Rudder 2

In the first photo below you may be able to see the bolts in the bolt holes of the pintles. I cut them off so that they're just pins now, going through only the pintles and the ¾" core, not the whole rudder. Because the rudder blade will be right against one side of the rudder head, I didn't want pintle bolt heads or nuts to be sticking out and getting in the way. I'm confident that the assembly will be quite strong without having the pintles bolted through the cheeks, what with all of the epoxy that will be in there.
Thank God for John Booth and his shop! John showed me how to rout out the channels for the pintle arms and set me to it. I think I did a good job for first time routing! But I think I put the bottom pintle on the top. I have an idea that the bent-out one is supposed to be the one you find the bottom gudgeon with. Too late now!

Below, the port side of the rudder head is being glued on (the bottom layer wasn't glued up at this point):
You can see how the pintle disappears into the wood.

The rudder head is finished now, except for some filing and sanding. I'll post a photo when I've smoothed some of the rough edges...

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