Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Rudder... and Tiller too!

I put .73-oz glass cloth on one side of the rudder pieces today as well. That's very fine glass, but the plywood needs something in addition to the epoxy to keep the grain from lifting, and I wanted to keep the epoxy to a minimum (hah!). Pretty fussy stuff, but it takes corners like a hot-damn...


New Tiller

On Monday afternoon John helped me laminate a new tiller! The photo below shows the form—just a thick plank cut to the desired curve—and the pieces of fir that I sliced from that tiller blank I showed you in Sunday's entry.
The ¼"-thick pieces were stacked up with glue between them, and clamped between the two pieces of the form. John pinned the ends with small finishing nails so they wouldn't slide around too much. We're letting it harden for a couple of days before removing the clamps. Thanks again, John!
    To get the shape I wanted for the tiller, I clamped a piece of ply to the rudder head and drew on it, then made a tracing of that on clear acetate. I cut the acetate, laid it on the plank, and drew the line on the plank. The plank was cut with a band saw. And of course the form had packing tape on it so the glue wouldn't stick to it.

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