Wednesday, 21 March 2018

What to do with Golightly

I found that Golightly was too much to deal with as a car-topped trimaran with my crappy back. Or even as a kayak (Bobber Ann has fixed that nicely!). Friend Andrew suggested I join the Cadboro Bay Sailing Association, so I did.

They don't have a spot in their compound for me yet, but it might happen this summer. Meanwhile, I'll build a proper dolly with fat wheels for crossing the beach, and get out on the water in Bobber Ann (the wee skin boat).

I'll keep Golightly rigged up for sailing (with akas and amas stored on top, to minimize space taken up) and on the dolly ready to wheel to the beach, where I'll put the pieces together. I'll keep the mast and leeboard on, and possibly the rudder as well, if there's space aft.

Cadboro Bay is a great place to sail since it's so protected. There's also access to Oak Bay and Chatham and Discovery Islands. The currents don't get crazy till you get out of the bay.

Cadboro Bay looking SE

Red arrow in the pic below shows where the CBSA compound is at Cadboro Bay, with the short path to the beach. The adjacent compound to the NE is Uvic's. Royal Victoria Yacht Club is at the bottom.

This post is a major departure from routine, since it deals with a possible future, whereas all other posts have been made after the fact. I've kept this plan under wraps since I joined the CBSA last August because I really didn't know if it would happen at all. But I went to their AGM last night and was quite impressed with the calibre of the people, as well as getting some assurance that I would get a spot within the compound in the not-too-distant future.

Also, I've applied for housing in the Niagara region, so doing anything more here was somewhat up in the air. However, I have about five years to wait for housing in Niagara, so I thought I may as well make best use of my time here.

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