Thursday, 24 July 2014

Cockpit, deck, colours

John convinced me that I should fix up the rest of the central area of the cockpit floor, especially the limber holes. So I did.

Non-skid on the decks:

Aft face of cabin painted:

I like how the colours go together. I wasn't sure of the darker, bluer grey, but I see that it goes well with the "sundown buff":
Those doors will be chocolate brown.
Ready for a white cabin?

Let there be white!

Finally realized that the transom should be white, too. I was going to paint it the same buff colour as the decks, etc., but saw that it would be too much buff. So white it is, the white coming up from the bottom panels.
I find it hard to imagine what a part will look like if it's a different colour, but I think the colours are coming together well anyway. The sides will be brilliant red.

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