Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Foot brace

I made the foot brace on Monday and finished it up and installed it on Tuesday. Warm weather and polyester resin made it a quick job. It's a bulkhead, really. I first made a joggle stick out of a piece of cardboard, then recorded the shape of the section on another piece of cardboard that I clamped in place in the plane of the bulkhead, then transfered the shape to another piece of cardboard that would be the pattern. Kinda like this:
(If you make the teeth irregularly shaped, you don't need numbers.)

The cut out bulkhead (¼" foam) got a thin skin of glass cloth on each side, plus a piece of carbon fibre tape along the top for strength:
I drilled holes and tied it into place with marline:

Not as nice looking as the rest of the boat, but it's very light and it does the job.

I've used this boat more than the foam & glass kayak so far this summer. I'm lovin it.

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