Sunday, 6 August 2017

New foot brace

A sinus infection has mostly kept me from playing on the water for the last few months, however, I did get out a few times.

Here's the new foot brace, which is great:
It's a piece of foam left over from building the boat. It's glassed both sides, and is fastened to the original 1" x 1" brace with Sikaflex and screws. The backpack just fits between it and the bulkhead.

I finally tried out the sail rig with the new amas! It was in Oak Bay, in about 15 knot winds with gusts. She flew! There was slop that came in from waves bouncing off the lee ama, but it was manageable.

I'm really happy with the new amas: they worked just as I wanted them to. But—I've decided not to use the boat to sail in again! It just takes too much time and effort to put it all together at the ramp, and then get it into the water and back out again and taken apart and put back into and onto the car. 

She may go up for sale soon, we'll see. At least there will be some amas for sale.

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