Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Paddling in the Gorge

Found a blackberry patch in the Gorge today. Yum! It helped that the tide was high.
Most of them were ripe, just not these in the foreground! I liked the colour mix.
I launched from a dock in the Gorge waterway that I was unable to before with the Golightly. I guess I could have rolled it down the hill to the ramp, but the ramp has a jog in it that I don't think the Golightly would get through without being lifted up to pass the railing. Also, it's a grassy hill that would be quite difficult to pull the boat up on return.
The green boat motoring in the background above is the Victoria Harbour Ferry's Gorge Cruise boat that Phoebe and I went on. The two dark spots on the water to the right are a swimmer and a dog. I was told that the water was a good temperature.
Whoever made this dock did a great job. That low part is perfect for getting in and out of boats from.
The part that looks like a sunny-side up egg in front of the boat is the fibreglass seat I made at John Booth's, with my back cushion sitting on top of it. Inside the backpack are: water bottle, cell phone, camera, some extra clothes, pee jar (with lid)*. If I'm planning to be out longer than an hour, I bring sunscreen as well.

The cell phone and camera have their own waterproof cases, and everything gets tied to the boat so that if there is a capsize, it doesn't all float away.

Before I paddled off, some friendly people helped me learn and practice getting in and out of the boat at the dock, using the paddle as a brace. So many years paddling kayaks and I'd never had a problem with entry/exit until now. Partly it's old age, partly it's the tenderness of the boat, I guess.

* Guys have it good on the water, I can drink as much as I like and not worry about finding relief, as long as I'm wearing shorts and loose (boxer type) undies. Actually, zip-off legs pants work, too. This seems to be more important as I age.

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