Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Buoyancy tanks

The first buoyancy tank built was used as a mold that I waxed and applied Partall to, and built the second tank around: two sides and end, in a thin layer of fibreglass. After I coaxed the original tank out of the new shell, I closed in the top with a piece of the same urethane foam that I built Golightly out of, and glassed it to the sides.

Now there are two buoyancy tanks. After I took this photo, I used some hook and loop webbing to tie them in. Neatly. I didn't want to attach them permanently, but wanted to be able to take them out if I wanted to.

John thinks I'm fussy because I prefer things neat rather than carved out of chunks of styrofoam or something. I agree wholeheartedly: I am fussy! 😀

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