Friday, 8 June 2018

Buoyancy tanks installed

My neighbour Vladi gave me some industrial strength hook-and-loop webbing that has the hooks on one side, the loops on the other, and something like nylon webbing in-between. It's super strong, light, white, and requires no fasteners!
The photo shows the Point Ellice (Bay Street) Bridge over the upper harbour.
The horizontal part of the webbing is all one piece that tucks behind the frames; the vertical part is one piece whose ends are captured between the two layers of the overlapping ends of the top piece. Being pulled forward, the buoyancy tank is held in by the inwales, so the webbing is mainly to keep it there. The tank makes a good foot brace.

Below, the new Johnson Street Bridge! This bridge is an excellent design that is a pleasure to use, as a vehicle driver, cyclist or pedestrian; they really did it right.
The very top part on the left is the bascule support tower of the old bridge on the other side of the new bridge. The old bridge is being dismantled this weekend. Most of it is already on the deck of the Dynamic Beast crane barge.

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