Thursday, 7 August 2014

rub rails and a near launch

Thanks to Starchy's help, the rub rails are fastened and bedded.
(Outer part of rub rail isn't fastened above; photo shows shape.)
Ready for launch!

Near Launch!

We took Firefly to the Fleming Beach boat ramp in Esquimalt, to launch her so that I could strike the water line:
This boat is resistant to completion, I tell you! The trailer wouldn't go into the water far enough to float the boat off. Can't tell you how excited I was to be finally seeing this boat float. But never mind, there's still lots to do. John is working on an extension tongue for the trailer, and possibly we'll use his truck instead, as the back wheels are farther forward of the hitch.

It was very sweet watching her saunter down the street all pretty-like, with her little white transom and red cheeks. I followed in my car, watching people admire her as we passed.

Here we are back in the industrial zone, where she seems most comfortable:
Note that the decktoads are now installed. (They're to hold the bottom ends of the cockpit tent poles.)


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