Friday, 8 August 2014

Waterline launch

John Booth spent about two hours modifying Firefly's trailer so she could back far enough into the water to float off of it. First, four seized bolts had to be cut off. They had nuts on the inside of the galvanized steel tube that could not be reached and which were rusted on. They were replaced by two bolts that went all the way through:
Then an aluminum tube was ground down on four sides to fit into the tongue tube, with matching holes at each end,
 so that now four bolts held the whole together:
The extension was attached after towing the boat to the ramp, and was taken off before towing her back to the shop.

Here she is in the water:
 There's still blue masking tape on the transom, as it needs another couple coats of paint.
She floats very high. I went aboard briefly, and she felt quite stable.
(That's, right to left: Starchy, Josie, and Bill's friend Tommy.)

Now back to the shop for hand rails, bottom paint, and the beginnings of a cockpit cover:

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