Saturday, 2 August 2014

Toe & rub rails, decktodes & a shelf

Starchy came over and helped me with the port rub rail. It went on well. The toe rails I put on a couple of days ago are the originals, sanded and painted. All has to come off, to get bedded with Sikaflex as it goes back on again.

 The half-round will go on the outside and cover the screw heads, mostly.
The decktoads are just sitting there yet, as toads are wont to do. They'll be fastened from beneath with ¼" screw bolts with fender washers and bedded with Sikaflex as well.

My happiest accomplishment today, though, is this little shelf I made in the foc'sle, from the table that came with the boat. Maybe I'll regret some day not having that table, but right now it's the apple of my eye as a shelf:
I'm considering putting a lip on its after edge, but also thinking of some kind of netting or some other way of making containment possible, so that things don't move off that after edge in a sea. Ideally, a bulkhead would go there, with water-tight hatches to access the interior, but that's beyond me right now.

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